Eco Packaging

The choices made over packaging considered 3 things Sustainability, Performance, and Design. With this in mind, we managed to prioritise the eco-friendly status of the packaging from the outset and disregard anything that did not hit our threshold. This is an ethos, not just a design choice.

We are proud to have achieved the following:

91% of all materials used in our packaging are made from recycled material.

98% of the materials used can be recycled.

We use recycled PET bottles, recycled aluminium, recycled glass, and recycled paper/card throughout.

Aluminium Tubes

Not only are they beautiful and nostalgic, but it is also a material that is infinitely recyclable without ever losing quality.

It is airtight and reduces the risk of oxidation. This means you can use your products until the last drop without any risk.

We use 100% recycled aluminium.

This use of recycled and not raw aluminium has enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions from the production of aluminium by 70%.

Recycled PET Bottles

All reminiscience bottles that aren’t recycled glass are made from recycled PET.

The PET bottle is designed specifically to be 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled material.

The bottles are made from recycled household waste and fit easily into packaging boxes which lowers shipping costs, and space used for shipping. That brings our carbon footprint, and your customers’ footprint down considerably.

The bottles have the advantage also of reducing UV deterioration due to their amber colour.

Boxes, Card, and Paper

All our boxes and paper are made from 100% recycled material and are fully combustible. The ink used is derived from vegetables.